Cross Over – Venera & Eva Brown


Gorgeous brunette Eva Brown and stunning blonde Venera sip champagne and gaze at each other passionately, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie “Cross Over” begins. Maintaining sizzling eye contact, they start to touch themselves, mirroring each other’s actions. Venera crawls across the table to caress Eva’s beautiful breasts, dripping champagne over them and sucking it from her nipples avidly. Panties off, she spreads her thighs for Eva to lick her shaved pussy; she’s audibly soaked with arousal as Eva fingerbangs her to an intense orgasm. Venera bends over the table so Eva can eat her pussy from behind, rubbing her own clit frantically as Eva’s skilful tongue and fingers make her climax again. Now Venera turns her attention to making Eva orgasm, pinning her thighs apart and licking her voraciously to drive her wild. She thrusts two fingers into Eva’s drenched slot, spanking her curvy ass and frigging her to a breathless climax. The lovers press their breasts together as they kiss, savoring the mingled flavors from each other’s lips.