Passion Between Us – Catherine Knight


Cute Catherine Knight looks through photos with her lover, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Passion Between Us” begins. As they start to kiss, the raven-haired sweetie strokes Jimmy Bud’s erection through his briefs, then straddles his lap and takes off her sweater so he can lavish attention on her pierced nipples. Dismounting, she wraps her lips around his rigid cock and sucks it sensuously; he flips her onto her back and penetrates her in missionary, fucking her with powerful thrusts. Catherine hooks her legs over Jimmy’s shoulders so he can plunge deeper, giving her an intense orgasm. He licks her pussy, making her climax again, then slams into her in spoons, rubbing her clit to drive her wild. She’s overwhelmed by another orgasm before he fills her with hot cum that floods out as they lie entwined in a tender embrace.