Perfect Time – Olivia Sparkle


Cute blonde Olivia Sparkle is spending a romantic evening with Ricky, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Perfect Time” begins. Olivia crawls across the kitchen island to kiss her lover, who peels her figure-hugging dress down and caresses her beautiful breasts while fingering her pussy until she’s overwhelmed by a breathless orgasm. Leaning back on the counter, Olivia gasps as Ricky thrusts his rigid cock into her and starts fucking her with powerful strokes, her breasts jiggling each time they slam together. After another climax, she lies on her side so Ricky can drill her in a standing spoons position, her pleasure peaking. Rolling onto her back, Olivia hangs her head off the edge of the counter and Ricky feeds his erection into her mouth; she jerks the thick shaft as she sucks it eagerly, making him spray his cum all over her neck and chest. They lie basking in the afterglow, spent and sticky.