Family Getaway – Natasha Nice


Andrew Light and his stepmom Natasha Nice are excitedly trying to decide where to go for vacation. With Natasha being at work all the time and Andrew studying hard at college, they haven’t had much time to spend together for the past couple of years, so they’re looking forward to going on a trip just the two of them. The only question is: where on EARTH will they decide to go?

As they chat, Andrew can’t help but sneak glances at Natasha’s gorgeous breasts, especially since her nipples are perky and barely hidden by her top. On that note, Natasha comments on how Andrew’s room is ALWAYS the chilliest in the house. This makes Natasha think of a place they could vacation to- what about skiing in the Alps? Andrew is a bit flustered, so he suggests that maybe they go somewhere warmer instead…