Hung Up On You Episode 2 – Dorothy Black & Vicky Love


Stunning Dorothy Black is revealed to be the recipient of Vicky Love’s animated phone call, as episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Hung Up On You” begins. Dorothy is left hanging when Vicky’s girlfriend Kira Queen terminates the call, but Vicky makes it up to her later by paying her a visit. She finds Dorothy sunbathing naked in the backyard, spraying herself with tanning lotion and massaging it into her beautiful big breasts. Vicky watches her awhile before greeting her with a playful kiss, her hands sliding over Dorothy’s magnificent curves amorously. Vicky pulls down her top so Dorothy can repay the favor, sucking her nipples to make her giggle with pleasure. She’s soon naked too, rubbing herself against her lover until they are both slick with oil. Licking a trail down Dorothy’s sexy body, Vicky moves between her spread thighs to eat her pussy. Her talented tongue rapidly works its magic, driving Dorothy wild. They switch positions, Vicky lifting her hips to offer her pussy to Dorothy’s mouth, her moans growing louder and more urgent as she lies back, and Dorothy devours her. After an intense orgasm, Vicky returns her attention to Dorothy’s pierced pussy, licking her to a mind-blowing climax. Dorothy is still trembling as Vicky gets dressed and leaves, but she has a little surprise of her own in store…