Orgasms Come Easy – Summer


Our fun, charismatic and super kinky Summer returns on the next day to tease our viewers on location with some christmas events nearby… she’s wearing a cute and short sweater dress, and sexy heels she bought the day before. We get tons of fun upskirt shots, and notice her long labia show through the dress! After a teaser breakfast with views of her sexy legs and privates under the table, she goes home to masturbate with the Magic Wand Toy, and ends up having a very strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Notice how horny she is, getting herself so wet… She then gets kinky, fucking herself with her new heels deep… and note how her wetness flows down her butt! Then going big, she tries the Big Red Vibrating Dildo, fucking herself hard with it, then gaping her stretched vagina real wide! Her strong vaginal muscles allows her to prolapse her vagina, showing off the tender places inside! She does another sensual dance in lingerie, and then we explore her breasts, which she can lactate!! Squeezing milk out of her nipples, she lets them flow and tastes the milk. We also get lots of nipple stretching, as they are very thick and suckable! To finish the day, she ends up fingering her vagina, going four, then five fingers, and ending up deep fisting herself! Her hand goes in real deep, as her whole pussy absorbs her hand past the wrist! She then fist fucks herself, hard and fast, and even gets off on it! An amazing, and rather extreme finish to her shoot, this total first timer is a fun and kinky woman with so much enthusiasm and positive energy 🙂