Pink dildo – Larisa


Brunette Larisa gazes at her reflection in the full-length mirror, while applying face cream and lip balm, and brushing her flowing hair. Once her beauty routine is complete, her urges take over. She caresses her chest over her shirt, then slips it off and lowers her bra, giving both bare breasts gentle squeezes. Her skirt falls away next, and she murmurs excitedly as she strokes over her pink panties. When she can’t resist any longer, she pulls them down and spreads her long legs, ready to lavish her pussy with loving attention.

Larisa licks her fingers and starts touching herself, as soft moans escape her lips. Then she reaches for a little pink dildo, sensually sucks it, and settles in to masturbate. She spreads her fuzzy pubic hair and opens her vulva, so that the toy can rub directly against her sensitive clit. She alternates between perching on her knees to stroke with her eyes shut tight, and reclining with her legs wide open so that she can look down at her pussy glowing with arousal. Larisa appears to be just on the cusp of orgasm for minutes on end, until at long last, she moans “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” and doubles over, engulfed in pleasure.