Yui Kyouno gets a surprise when we bring out a mature gentleman for her porn shoot


Today we had a surprise for Yui Kyouno. She was expecting to come to the studio and have a normal every day porn shoot. She knew who her male counterpart would be and was getting ready for the day of shooting. But since we like to mix things up a bit, we had invited a new actor to come along and make it a whole day of shooting with Yui Kyouno and two male partners. We had received a response to our online ad we put out looking for new talent that had never been an adult actor before. And we got a response from an older gentleman who we thought would work well with our company. We thought that the older demographic of our members could also be represented with this new actor. He is a very kind gentleman who was keen to try his hand at acting and we were happy to meet him and see his enthusiasm for the possibility of shooting today with Yui and another male actor. We introduced Yui to our older gentleman and it was a very big surprise for her to learn that he would be in her scene today and he is our newest male actor in our studio. Of course this caused quite a stir with our other male actor who had no idea he would be sharing the shoot today with Yui and him. He almost could not believe it. But, we got Yui into costume and started the cameras rolling and decided to just go for it and see what happened. Our new actor got right into it and was quite bold in his desire to be involved as well in the touching and fucking of Yui. The man had a rock hard cock despite his being so mature. Yui was very pleased with our new actor and we hope you enjoy this new scenario we have for you today.