Riding his cock – Paisley & Zac


Freckled blonde Paisley is knitting a colourful blanket with her legs akimbo, so her see-through panties are visible up her skirt. Her hands drift between her thighs to begin stroking, when her boyfriend Zac arrives to take over, penetrating her with his fingers while nuzzling her shoulder. He eagerly strips off Paisley’s clothes and perches her nude on the windowsill, lapping into her pink vulva, as she squeezes her pert breasts and moans. She repays him by kneeling on the floor, pulling down his shorts, and delivering a sensual blowjob. A delighted smile lights up her face, as she feels him get hard in her mouth.

Paisley lays on the bed with her legs open, and grips Zac’s cock to guide it into her. He thrusts deep inside in an array of positions, with Paisley on top, on her side, and on all fours. In each one, she fixes her blue eyes on him, smouldering with love and arousal. Paisley’s face is flushed pink when she vigorously rides Zac, until he reaches orgasm and fills up her pussy with cum. As she feels it drip from her labia, she holds him close, and they exchange grateful kisses.