Dildo Dreams – Bella Belly


The soft glow of twilight streaming through Bella Belly’s bedroom window has put her into a fanciful mood. Stretched out elegantly on her couch, she marvels at the beauty of her thick supple legs, voluptuous waist, and porcelain skin. A desire to explore every inch of herself stirs within this angelic BBW babe’s heart. So, carefully slipping off her lingerie and panties, Bella runs her fingertips across her lovely tits, and down her belly until they reach her bare pussy. Marveling at the wetness there, she tenderly begins making circles on her clit. Next she takes out her favorite toy for some softcore action. As ecstatic moans escape from her rosebud lips, Bella pleasures her pretty twat until her back arches and thighs tremble from blissful orgasming.