Things I Love To Do – Purr Simona


Cute brunette Purr Simona sits on a bench by the ocean, canoodling with Nick Ross. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Things I Love To Do” begins, the sweethearts kiss and cuddle, then ride through the town on a scooter, before ending their day in the bedroom. Simona teases her man by making him watch as she undresses and takes a shower, pressing her perky breasts and curvaceous ass against the glass wall playfully. Nick is ready and waiting when she emerges, wrapping her in a towel and kissing her adoringly as he leads her to the bed. Purr straddles her lover, grinding on his hard cock and then guiding it into her shaved pussy. She rides energetically, her puffy nipples swelling as she slides up and down on Nick’s thick shaft, quivering through one powerful orgasm after another. He flips her onto her back and fucks her in missionary, her leg hooked over his shoulder so he can plunge deep, driving her to even wilder peaks of pleasure. Purr rubs her clit to intensify the sensations as they switch to spoons, moving in harmony until she jerks out his hot cum over her drenched pussy.