Marina Aoyama goes to a hotel to suck and fuck a disgruntled client


Marina Aoyama is a fixer. Which means she is sent to meet with clients that are unhappy with the service her office has done. She goes to make sure that the client who has a grievance against her office is not so unhappy about the screw up. All offices make mistakes and the clients are usually compensated in one way or the other. In this case, Marina’s office has decided to resolve the issue by sending her to make the client understand how sorry they are and are ready to make amends for the screw up. Marina is an expert in her field. She knows how to change the attitude of a man and knows how to make him happy and turn his frown into a smile. Today her office has asked her to work on a client she saw previously in her office. She gave him a blowjob in the office. She really worked on his cock and sucked his balls and the old fart probably never had a better blowjob in his miserable life…