The Return Of Jo Episode 3 – Angelika Grays & Jo


Sexy blonde Angelika Grays is engrossed in her work, much to the frustration of her stunning friend Jo. As episode three of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “The Return Of Jo” begins, the ponytailed cutie fools around to get her girlfriend’s attention, before settling on the perfect technique. She strips down to her sexy lingerie, confident that Angelika will find her irresistible – and of course she is correct. The lovers kiss passionately, sprawling on the sofa in each other’s arms with their bare breasts pressed together. Angelika kisses her way down Jo’s body, sucking her nipples, unfastening her black lace bodysuit and licking her shaved pussy. Jo goes face down ass up on the sofa and her sweetheart kisses her peachy cheeks, then laps at her tightest hole, driving her to an intense orgasm. Getting naked, Angelika straddles Jo’s face to get her pussy eaten, her gasps of pleasure growing more and more breathless. She sits with her thighs spread wide and Jo licks her skilfully, until her climax overwhelms her.