Busty Stepsis Becomes Escort & Gives Me Free Demo – Skylar Vox


I was working on one of the many dumb chores my Step-Dad makes me do for an allowance when my step-sister Skylar came strolling in. Skylar and her step-mom have a better relationship than me and Step-Dad so she gets a lot of privileges. Skylar explains that she wants to become an escort, I guess she thinks she can be one of those famous rich hookers. I state that it would be a dumb idea especially living at home with our parents. Skylar offers for me to “try her out” to see if she would worth paying for, at first I had to play it cool and act like she was nuts just to make sure it wasn’t a trap. Of course, I wanna fuck my step-sister, she is so hot and has the biggest natural tits. I fuck my step-sister right there on the bathroom floor, I guess this was her plan all along cause she makes me nut inside her and then runs off before I can say anything. I hope she doesn’t tell our parents.