Clamp My Clit – Mia Trejsi


Gorgeous Ukrainian Mia Trejsi, a babe with dark-brown eyes and long, raven-black hair, is playing with a pair of clamping forceps. As she licks the soft latex inserts fitted to the tips, sticky strings of saliva stretch between them and her tongue. She hikes up her strappy black bra top to expose perfect breasts, pinches one nipple between the spit-wet clamps, then moves her hand so her tit quivers.

Next, she unfastens long zippers on her rock-chick pants to bare her shapely legs, removes her red-patent spike-heeled platforms, then strips down to a tiny, open-crotch thong. She sinks down onto the floor, thighs splayed, and strokes the forceps over her stunning body, homing in on her shaved pussy.

She rubs her fleshy inner lips and clit, already drenched with juices, and squeezes them between the latex grips. Within a couple minutes she is on the brink of orgasm, moaning through her full, pouting lips. She pauses to taste her cream off of the clamp and grips it between her teeth as she peels off her sexy panties.

Now naked, she crouches on all fours, doggy style, and reaches back to use the forceps as a dildo. Soon, with the tool buried deep inside of her snatch, she grinds her neon-manicured fingertips against her clit. She rolls on her back and pumps her snatch for a little longer before clamping her swollen nub once again.

With one large butterfly-lip gripped, she fingers her pink then plunges the forceps back inside of her snatch. This time she’s going all the way, moaning rhythmically as she frigs herself to an intense orgasm. Feet raised, her body bucks and spasms as she cums – then she lies back to relish the afterglow. As we leave her, she shoots smoldering glances directly at the camera while playing the juice-slick forceps over her awesome curves…