Slap That Ass – April Olsen


Big burly stud Thor Johnson makes his long-awaited debut today and we paired HIM up with another See H?️M Fuck first timer, up-and-coming newbie April Olsen, for this week’s fun-filled update. After Johnny ?? Robbins helps us get to know a little about the BHM, Thor gets naked with some sexy assistance from April. When she removes his See HIM boxers ? April gives HIM a quick warm-up blowjob. She then gets HIM all lubed up ? and strokes his rock-hard cock while ? sniffing and licking ? his armpits and sucking on his nipples. Thor takes a seat on the couch so April can remove his socks ? smell his feet, suckle his toes and lick his soles ???? After a quick kiss, it’s time for Round 1 ?️ of the ass-eating ?? as Thor spreads HIMself wide open so April can lick and tongue-fuck his gaping pink asshole ??️ April rims HIM spread eagle, HIM on all fours and HIM in a reverse piledriver until Thor stands up so she can suck and slobber on his girthy uncut gift…