Me, My Stepmom, And Our Dirty Little Secret – Angela MILF


I was in my room, scrolling through the phone thoughtlessly… Suddenly. I heard quite a commotion. I thought I was alone, so I had to investigate the noises… What I ended up discovering, it shook me to my very core: my stepmom was lying on the living room couch, masturbating with a rather large dildo. I was dumbfounded: she obviously didn’t expect someone to catch her in the act either. I grabbed my phone to record a video for future viewing. She looked up and noticed me! She was ablush, begging me with tears in her eyes not to show this video to my dad. I decided to take our familiar relationship in a different direction. – I swear to keep this a secret forever and ever, if you’re going to take care of my needs until I leave for college….