Cierra Myst – Exploited College Girls


Today’s Ex*!%@t is 21 year old Cierra who’s here to take it all off and was also told to go “make that money” girl. Yes this girl’s got the green light to “sucky fucky” and get degraded on film. It’s her thing she says, so just be careful what you ask for Cierra. You just might bite off more than you can chew. But rest assured everyone, it’s her man who’s back home and waiting for his little princess to return home bow legged and sore who’s the one who gave her the green light to “sucky fucky” on camera with some stranger. That’s right people, this lucky girl’s got a guy that loves it when his gal takes other guy’s dick and gets paid for it. I think there’s a name for this that starts with the letter P. Is it Pumping your girlfriend everybody? Nooooo! Hmmm…