An experienced tutor or an old pervert – Lana Nicely


I went to class with a new tutor. There were cameras in my backpack, and I really hoped that this history tutor would turn out to be a nice lady that I would be willing to fuck. Having entered her house, and having carefully examined this mature woman, I realized that she was well preserved for her age. She had a great ass, and her big mouth beckoned to shove a dick in it. I began to act accordingly to a premeditated plan, tricked her out of the house, and started looking for a good place to install my hidden cameras! Imagine my surprise when I found a whole bunch of sex toys not far from the sofa! And, holy shit, there were huge vibrators and whips, anal balls and a lot of things that I even saw for the first time in my life! I immediately realized that this lady knows a lot about sex! It only remained to figure out how can I seduce her…