Jessica Bunnington’s Bimbo Fitness Center


Perry Layne is working out at Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington’s gym and health spa, where all the trainers are graduates from bimbo school. We have a good idea why guys sign up at this gym.

Today, Perry is attracting the attention of the head bimbo trainer and owner, Jessica herself. Training with weights here can be tricky because the bimbette staff follows Jessica’s uniform quidelines: tight, cameltoe shorts, a one-piece bodysuit under a low-cut top and super-high pink heels. When she bends over to pick up a pen she dropped, Perry almost smashes his head on a bar. Ya gotta be careful working out with heavy metal in this fitness center.

Jessica wants to see Perry’s lifting form, so she stands by the bench and observes him doing weight exercises. Whammo! That does it. Perry’s cock can’t take it anymore and pops out of his shorts. Jessica takes swift action by wrapping her hand around it and pumping it.