Surprise – Lena Paul, Skylar Snow & Victoria Voxxx


A couple (Lena Paul and Victoria Voxxx) are relaxing at home when they are unexpectedly visited by their friend Skylar Snow. Skylar has mistakenly shown up a week early for a surprise birthday party that Lena is planning for Victoria. Whoops! Lena is furious, but before Skylar can leave, Victoria asks what’s going on. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, Skylar claims that she’s there to talk to the couple about something, so Skylar is invited inside.

Desperate to come up with a cover story, a panicked Skylar lies and says that she has stopped by to propose a THREESOME to the couple! Lena looks as if she wants to rush Skylar out the door, but is shocked when Victoria is actually interested in the threesome. Wanting to maintain the cover story, Skylar and Lena decide that they should go along with it.

Skylar and Lena give Victoria lots of kisses, and caress her breasts. Then Skylar and Lena start touching each other’s breasts as well, and soon all three of them undress to continue the fun, including lots of pussy-eating. Looks like Skylar’s cover story wasn’t such a bad idea after all!