Leather And Lust – Macey


When we’re introduced to beautiful raven-haired Macey in her pink top and lacy panties, we immediately note a few things…first, she’s gorgeous and has a very sexy body; secondly, she’s got a geek streak (as evidenced by an Elvish script tattoo on her thigh); and third, she’s got a naughty kinky streak as we notice her ballgag around her neck and flail whip in her hand! She’s getting into some fun dancing in front of the mirror to some hard rock, moving those curves to the rhythm. Next she sticks a suction cup toy to the mirror, staring at her ‘evil twin’ reflection as she shows off her blowjob technique! Heading to the couch, we see her spreading her legs while wearing just her white high heel shoes and penetrating herself with her big pink toy…