Busty Casca Akashova Makes A New Friend At The Pool


Casca Akashova shows again why she is the all-star sex-bomb of sex-bombs. When she puts on her skimpy bikini that shows more tits and ass than it covers, Casca is ready for poolside action. Wearing high heels, Casca parades by the pool with a bottle of oil. She’s looking for a guy with good hands to grease her up and down.

Berry is in the pool. Since he’s the only guy there, when Casca sees him, she zeroes in on him to be her oil boy. Casca asks him to come out of the pool and help her out. He couldn’t possibly say no to a sexy, pretty woman like this…but, astonishingly, he tries to beg off.

Casca does not take no for an answer, especially from men. She insists he oil her hot, busty body. When Berry gets out of the pool, Casca sees why he was reluctant. He has a boner. And Casca is responsible! Yes, it’s all her fault. Remember when you had a sexy-looking teacher or classmate in school and prayed you wouldn’t be asked to stand-up because you had a hard-on? The same principles…