A Massage While You Wait – Brooklyn Gray & London River


Brooklyn Gray, a beautician, is giving London River a new hairstyle while London’s husband, Charles Dera, waits nearby. Brooklyn sees how bored Charles is and offers to give him a massage in the meantime — on the house. Although Charles is hesitant, London encourages him to go ahead since her hair is going to take a while to set yet.

Finally, Charles accepts and Brooklyn starts to give him a shoulder massage. As she does, London remains seated nearby, though she soon puts in earbuds and becomes engrossed in a magazine. That’s when Brooklyn drops her professionalism and starts making the massage more sensual, even going as far as taking Charles’ cock out for a rub! Charles is stunned, terrified of being caught by the wife, but also thrilled at the same time. This was the LAST thing he was expecting at the beauty salon today.

Once Brooklyn is done teasing Charles a little, she checks on London and finds she’s none the wiser. That’s when Brooklyn offers Charles a NURU massage. Although he’s still dazed, Charles goes along with it, and it’s not long before he finds himself naked on an air mattress with Brooklyn rubbing her naked, oily body all over him. Brooklyn becomes bolder and more lustful with every passing moment until she finally climbs onto Charles’ cock to give them BOTH a very nice happy ending. All the while, London’s still in the background, which means they could be caught any minute!