Behind The Mask – Clara S


Sexy Clara S walks into a quirky, autumnal-looking room on spike-heeled platform pumps, showing off her beautiful, near-naked body. She’s wearing long, fingerless black lace gloves, a matching garter, and a carnival mask, but her small, perfect breasts, shaved pussy and peach of an ass are already on full display. She sits on a wooden chair, wrists cuffed behind her as the camera captures her taut, tattooed curves from every angle.

After a brief struggle, she stands up, pushing the chair over, then wriggles free of her cuffs, sawing the chain against her juicy butt-cheeks in the process. Now she is able to unmask and reveals a pretty face and smoky makeup. She inspects the grotesque features of the mask, enthralled by its huge, phallic nose, which she strokes with manicured fingers then sucks and licks, slathering it with drool.

Perching on a window-seat, she circles the beaky nose around her stiff nipples. Next, she yanks off her black hairnet and shakes her blonde locks loose. Then, thighs splayed, she plays the nose against her slit, using it as a dildo – moaning, she slides the tip inside of her and humps against it as it penetrates her pussy.

Her cries become louder and more urgent until, tits quivering, she cums hard around the nose. Blissed out, she lounges back and gazes into the empty eyes of the mask then tastes her cream off of it. Then, setting it aside, she bends over the window seat with her glorious bare ass on full display.

Reaching down between her legs, she slides two fingers in her snatch, asshole clenching above it as she pounds herself deep. Once again she sits and circles the tip of her middle finger over her swollen clit, bringing herself to an even more intense orgasm. Momentarily satisfied, she struts back out of the room…