Blues – Alice Crowley


Sexy blonde Alice Crowley sits flicking a cigarette lighter in time to the music in her head, as maverick director Paul Black’s erotic movie “Blues” begins. She’s been trying to befriend a stranger online, sending him nude shots of her beautiful body, but to no avail. Slumped on the shower floor, swigging from a bottle with mascara running down her cheeks, the constant rain aggravates her blue mood. Suddenly invigorated, she showers, shaves her pussy and starts to dress, then lies on her bed with thighs spread wide as her fingers dance over her smooth sex. She strokes her clit gently at first, dipping a fingertip between her delicate lips. Hips rocking, she masturbates more vigorously, the sticky sounds of her arousal mingling with her gasps. She squirms and grabs her breasts as her hand slaps against her pussy with each thrust, her orgasm reaching a crescendo along with the music and leaving her trembling through the aftershocks.