OMG I Fucked My Bratty Student – Khloe Kapri


Khloe Kapri is in detention when she gets a call on her cell phone. Her teacher Clarke Kent can’t believe his eyes when she brazenly answers it and starts talking. Clarke warns Khloe to get off the phone and after a moment, she finally does.

Trying to get a rise out of her teacher, Khloe talks back to Clarke. They get into a brief argument as Clarke gets more and more frustrated with Khloe’s bratty attitude.

Khloe gets an idea, a mischievous look coming over her. She picks her skirt up and bends over in front of Clarke, showing off her perky ass. Clarke is shocked as Khloe goads Clarke into spanking her. He tries to resist his temptation, but he can’t hold back for long. Finally, he smacks Khloe’s ass as she gasps with pleasure.

This is one detention neither one of them will ever forget!