Grand Theft Nuru – Kayla Paige & Coco Lovelock


A young woman, Coco Lovecock, ducks into a massage parlor as the sound of police sirens outside come and go. She looks relieved but is then startled as she turns around and sees two strangers, Kayla Paige and Billy Boston, expectedly watching her. It quickly becomes obvious that Coco has entered a massage parlor and that Kayla, the owner of the parlor, has mistaken her for a new employee!

Coco is introduced to Billy, who is a masseur, and told that he will be helping with the training that day. Although Coco is a bit taken aback, she secretly decides to go along with everything until things calm down outside. But when Billy starts stripping before her, she wonders exactly WHAT she’s gotten herself into.

Kayla and Billy become suspicious of her weird behavior and wonder if she’s fit for the job. Coco, knowing she needs to lay low, insists that they give her a chance — she’s new, after all. Coco soon strips down and, with their guidance, begins to give Billy a NURU massage. But she’s clearly out of her element as she slides her oily body all over Billy’s. She’s so clumsy and uncertain that Kayla and Billy decide that she really isn’t cut out to be a masseuse.

Fearing that she’s about to be thrown out, Coco doubles down. She may not be good at massaging but she IS good at satisfying lovers, so that’s when she decides to aim for a happy ending. Kayla and Billy are both surprised but pleased to see the sudden change, deciding to give her one last chance to win them over. NOW Coco has to really give it her all to keep herself out of trouble in more ways than one!