Bed Fun – Lenna Ross


Cute brunette Lenna Ross is fooling around with her boyfriend Nick Ross, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Bed Fun” begins. Silly games lead to flirty kisses that grow increasingly passionate, until Nick is peeling off his sweetheart’s lingerie and caressing her beautiful breasts. He nuzzles her through her silk tap pants, then pulls them down and eats her shaved pussy; shivering with pleasure, Lenna rolls over so Nick can eat her from behind, before easing his rigid cock into her slick slot. He fucks her vigorously, her breasts jiggling as he bounces off her sexy ass with each thrust. They switch to missionary, Lenna’s legs wrapped tight around Nick’s hips, his fingers on her clit to make her pleasure even more intense. Lenna shudders through a powerful orgasm, then hooks one leg over Nick’s shoulder so he can thrust even deeper, giving her another climax. Flipping over into cowgirl, Lenna rides sensuously, rocking her hips as she slides up and down on Nick’s thick pole. She picks up the pace until they are slamming together, her orgasm overwhelming as Nick fills her with his creamy cum.