Spanish transsexual caught – Jessica Kate


Sublime today’s CATCHES! Over the years I have realized that reluctance in the world of sex must be put aside. Because we are capable of enjoying a great fuck with anyone who appears in our path, as is the case of Jessica Kate, a young Spanish transsexual that I met this morning on the street in Madrid. As soon as I saw her, with those little red braids, I knew that she was a transsexual girl, and I didn’t care at all… because I had the feeling that I could have a great time with her… and That’s how it has been! As soon as I brought up my supposed modeling agency, Jessica and I connected immediately! There has been chemistry between us… so we headed to my studies, where as soon as I arrived I asked him to take off his clothes… and… Damn what a little body! She has all the curves necessary to have a good fuck… and the best thing about her is her vigorous tongue! The way she eats cock is incomparable! Few chicks have sucked my cock like her… Wow, I’m remembering it again… and she makes my cock feel like the neck of a flamenco singer!!! You have to see the rest of the video with your own eyes… but I’ll tell you in advance… How wonderful!!!