Naked yoga outdoors – Victoria R


Victoria has taken a trip to the countryside and found the perfect spot to get naked in nature. As she stands before a lush green valley, her purple hair shines in the sun and a bright smile lights up her face. After pulling off her comfy tank top and little shorts, she proudly shows off her bra and thong panties, then spins around to reveal her firm bubble butt. When she stands in the nude, her beautifully toned figure looks like it belongs in a Renaissance painting, from her perky nipples to her shapely legs. She crouches to pick a wildflower, then holds it next to her flawless shaved pussy, a juxtaposition that makes both look even lovelier.

Victoria rolls her mat on the ground, to get in touch with the earth, by doing some flexible nude yoga which makes her colourful hair cascade down her back. Afterwards, she relaxes with her legs open to share intimate views of her pussy. While spreading her smooth vulva, so we can admire her sensitive clit, she flashes a warmly inviting grin. To cool off after her day in the sun, Victoria empties her water bottle on her bare breasts. As the droplets wash over her toned tummy and down her legs, she looks refreshed and content.