We’re the Taylors: Time for a Getaway – Kenzie Taylor & Gal Richie


Kenzie Taylor is having an extremely stressful month. Due to the writers’ strike, the film she was directing has fallen apart, her stepsons Gal and Elias are constantly fighting and driving her crazy, her bills are piling up and she’s about to have a meltdown. Luckily, her loving husband Chad notices how stressed she is and proposes they throw caution to the wind and take an impromptu vacation to visit Kenzies eccentric sister Barb, who lives a few states away.

When she goes to break the news to her kids, she’s hit with a whole new set of problems. They have just found out that she’s not just a film director, but also secretly directing porn! Gal and Elias are all around the place with the news, masturbating to the content their stepmom made. Kenzie takes the opportunity to bond with them over her work, spending some private time with each of them separately. Little does she know that a horny Pandora’s box has been opened once the Taylor kids start taking ideas from their stepmom’s hot content!

Curious to see how the Taylors’ hot getaway goes? Parts 2 and 3 will be available only at MYLF.com!