Lena Coxx Cleans My Cock


The cleaning company sent Lena over to clean my flat today. Unless you are new here, you know how I do when they are fine. Took a little cash to she that ass. She played her role acting all timid, so a little more cash I could hope to be all up in it. Once I got her naked I pulled out my cock, and I shit you not she told me she was wondering if I had a bbc. And I was wondering was she going to get it all in her mouth. She did a damn good job trying. I was touching the bottom of her pussy for a bit, since she was down so far, I had to put it in her ass. I went slow at first not to try and hurt her, but she wanted me to pound her ass out like it owed me money. I happily obliged. She had just cleaned the bed, so I didnt want cum on the sheets. So I made sure I got it all in her mouth. I mean less work for her.