Flare – Mia Split


Gorgeous blonde Mia Split is in the bathtub, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Flare” begins. Jimmy Bud watches, enthralled, as she soaps up her lovely breasts, then perches on the edge of the tub and starts to masturbate. Mia dries off and joins Jimmy on the sofa, wrapping her lips around his rigid cock for a passionate blowjob. She strokes her shaved pussy as she bobs her head to swallow as much of his thick shaft as she can, then straddles him so he can suck her nipples as she impales herself on his erection. Mia rides vigorously, spinning around into reverse cowgirl and sliding up and down as Jimmy rubs her clit to intensify the powerful sensations. She spreads her legs incredibly wide and Jimmy thrusts up vigorously as she bounces and grinds, until they orgasm together in a crescendo of gasps and moans. His cum gushes from her drenched pussy as he pulls out and they kiss breathlessly.