Feeling Frisky In Florida – Gigi Dior


We’re first introduced to lovely blonde Gigi in the car as she’s picked up by the guest FTV photographer in Florida, exhausted from her flight but looking lovely in her colorful dress. As she lifts up her dress we get a glimpse of her sexy long smooth legs, and we see she’s not wearing any panties as she begins to finger herself while they drive! Arriving at the suite we see her in the bedroom, exploring her body with her fingertips – and we see just how horny she’s gotten from the long flight over as she bends over and fingers her hole doggystyle. She grabs a vibrating black toy and starts out sucking and licking it, sliding it against her nipples and then fucking herself to her first orgasm of the day! She heads to the beach with the photographer on a windy day and changes right out in the open, stripping down completely naked and then putting on her sexy bikini. Scampering to the water she kicks around in the waves enjoying the cool water on her feet before heading back to the outdoor shower to clean off the sand. In the public garage she does some fun flashing and teasing, wandering around topless in case anyone else is driving around…heading to the stairwell she relieves herself with a nice peeing session! Back at the suite she gets in bed and drops her dress to the ground, laying back and penetrating herself with a dildo and enjoying a strong squirting orgasm. We see a nice refreshing shower scene to finish off the day as she says her goodbyes…it’s a windy rainy day in Florida but is the perfect time for seeing this beautiful MILF on FTV!