Zoe (What Hole? Daddy’s Choice) – ExploitedCollegeGirls


Zoe’s her name and getting slapped around while getting ass fucked is her game because this outgoing big tittied flower child is not bashful at all when it comes to sex and vocalizing what she likes to have done to her when genitalia’s involved. Anal. She likes it and she likes to be slapped around and used, explaining “don’t ask daddy, just do” as the preferred method of communication with her partners and when our stud Codey Steele asked her what hole to stick his dick in, she replied “Daddy’s Choice.” Booya! Do I need to say more, and we have a live one here because if you like rough sex paired with the attitude ‘anything goes,” and a green light that says all her holes are fare game with a side of Ass to Mouth? Well then today is daddy’s lucky day I suppose because Zoe is just the ticket to get your rocks off and I’ll let the sex and this scene speak for itself. So enjoy and until next week’s update, tootles.