Venice (How We Fucked The Pizza Delivery Girl) – BackroomCastingCouch


Very sexy girl next door Venice is next up on the casting couch. She’s a 20 years pizza delivery driver. This girl is the epitome of cute. She’s so tiny and has these great big green eyes, and there’s something about her nose I really like… odd I know, there’s just sommmmeeethinnnng. Also, she’s pretty reserved, so it makes me think she’s a little nervous for this whole process – who wouldn’t be? When she arrives, Rick tries something kinda new so we don’t have that pesky sun blocking everything out, then we get her onto the couch in her pretty flowery dress. She answers all our questions, she’s down to Earth, bubbly. This really is one of those gals who could be at your door one Friday night with a hot pizza pie, and you’d never know….