Outdoors playing with Sayo Hayakawa, two men and some sex toys


The lovely Sayo Hayakawa has decided that she wants to play today. That means she does not want to stay in the studios and she wants to go outside and try something new. She wants a couple of models to go with her and she wants to bring lots of different options in terms of sex toys and equipment. She enjoys getting wild and nasty and it makes her job more fun if she can spice it up some by changing location and also bringing some toys to play with. She requested two men to come with her as she thought it would be more fun to have a couple of cocks to choose from. The men were game and thought it would be a good idea to do some fun and wild role play outside. We found an old halfway torn down building in the middle of nowhere and got our cameras set up and brought out all the toys. The men got to decide which toys they wanted to use on her and they got some fun things out to try out on Sayo today. They started off by getting a long leather leash out and a collar so they could restrain her. They also thought it would be a good idea to get a ball gag for her mouth so she could not scream. That worked well until it was time to take it out and ask her what else she could think of to stuff in her cute mouth. She opted for a cock so one was prepared for her so she could have something to suck on and occupy her mouth. What a fun day that was, go see what other things they got up to for fun.